Direct Pay System Cranks In Money Without Speaking To One Prospect

I think one of the major benefits and what people are looking for in a home business is time freedom to go about their day while their Site literally does all the telling and selling for them. In other words your prospect/lead should literally have all their questions answered by the presentation so that when they are ready to send you money their only question is “where do I send you your payment”. I have been involved in other systems in the past where I found myself still explaining the product, system, etc. over and over. Of course this is going to cause burn out. If you have worked online long enough you will know this to be true. The biggest and best feature I love about the Direct Pay System is that if I don’t want to talk to my prospects, lets’s say I am out of town, or simply enjoying the holiday break I just log into my DPS back office and turn on the Call back request form. This ensure’s that my prospects actually get a call from one of the team members to answer any questions they may have about Direct Pay System. I will give you an example, during The Christmas week of 2013 I did not even talk or lift a finger and I still had sales coming in. All while I enjoyed the holiday with my Family. Interested in learning how I do this? Take a no obligation free tour here:

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